Optimal marking result. There is received a matt-white contrast.

By the heat of the laser, a pure-white color change is achieved here usually.
These can be engraved light or dark. Normally the fine light labeling is preferred.
The outer engraving on glass requires a lot of know-how. The label will be white.
All kinds of wood are suited for laser marking. Also very small labels can be made precise.
Depending on the type of ceramic a contrast range of nature to almost black is achieved.
Approx. 95% of all engravings on plastic provide a good to very good marking result. In order to guarantee you a perfect effect, please send your specific item. We make a sample engraving free of charge.

Almost all types of leather can be marked without problems. The engraved image in black leather is similar to a “blind embossing”. On light leather, the contrast is black.

The two types of contrast are here discreet-bright and dark brown.
The marking on surfaces is usually unproblematic. So chrome, nickel, anodic, silver, gold, etc. can be optimally engraved in a silky-light and dark contrast.

On steel, three types of contrast can be displayed: subtly-light, dark brown and black.