• 3D Crystal custom-made for industry and advertising.
    We design your logo, product images of all pages,
    or provided by 3D data (also confidential).
    In the highest accuracy and reliability in 3D glass.
  • Industrial laser engraving - best quality and reliability - Grüner Laser Products - experience since 1981.
  • Laser marking makes your product unique,
    engraved logo on promotional items of all materials. Just try us...
  • Drinking glasses with finest laser engraving.
    Exclusive finishing touches for your special occasions.
  • Anatomical designs incl. finest laser engraving.
    To illustrate, to declarate or as an accessory
  • Logo Fruit - know-how is eatable.
    Through our novel process, the shell of the apple logo is not
    injured and thus the durability remains 100% guaranteed.
  • Citrus fruits, oranges with your logo -
    the edible advertising space. For your fairs and events.
  • Logo Fruits - we crack the toughest nuts for you,
    laser engraving in the highest perfection and resolution.
  • 3D Crystal custom-made for industry and advertising.
    Your logo or product is faithfully lasered in 3D Crystal Accessories.
    In highest perfection and reliability in 3D glass.
  • 3D Crystal® accessories of the special kind -
    with impressive 3D engraving - Made in Munich - Germany.
  • Small gifts for your loved ones ...
    For birthday, marriage or just to show your love.

3D Crystal in Perfection - Grüner Laser Products

Your competent partner for laser marking and laser engraving – since 1988 –
and laser experience since 1981

Due to our modern laser engraving installations it´s possible to engrave all materials for the industry and the merchandising market with your individual design. From high quality promotional items included the marking of your logo through to 3D laser engraving from your models, motive and picture in glass.

We are working for the whole section of refinement with laser.

Laser engraving and laser marking

Laser engraving technical parts Aluminium Laser Gruener

Technical materials

Promotional items with engraving according to customer's request

Promotion Items


Drink Glasses

DELIVERY OF - logo fruits with laser

Logo Fruits

3D ENGRAVING - Customers Demand

Customers Demand

3D ANATOMY - Anatomy Models

Anatomy Models

3D GLASS PHOTO - Photo in Glass

Photo in Glass

Grüner Laser Products - LASER ENGRAVING - Technical materials

Technical materials

Laser engraving, Laser marking & 3D Crystal products

Grüner Laser Products in munich offers you best quality of:

  • Complete laser engraved products
  • Laser engraving for the industry
  • Promotion items with laser engraving
  • Personal gift ideas


Our Service

– Laser engraving of your provided products

  • for the industry
  • for the promotional products industry

– Highlight for your Event – rent us!

  • 3D Portrait live for your event
  • Laser marking such as merchandising articles, live on location

Our Products

– Manufacturing and supply of laser engraved products

  • Promotional items
  • 3D Crystal
  • Laser engraved drinking glasses
  • Logo fruits
  • Textiles

– 3D Crystal® – The Original – Made in Munich – Germany

  • 3D Crystal custom-made product, to customer specification:
    Your model or desired motive as a 3D object in glass
  • Finished 3D Glass medical models
  • 3D Photo: Pictures in glass