Promotion possibilities with logo fruits

Promotion fruits with stickers

Custom stickers – oval & round labels –

Create your individual promotional labels: in 2 different sizes, with food safe glue and 4-color printing.

Laser apple with PR-leaf

Stem advertising – individually & on both sides –

We manufacture your desired design on one or both sides of our labeled advertising leaves. The promotion is clearly visible attached to the stems of the apples. Delivered, if desired in certain packages.

Packaging solutions

Packaging – practical & presentative –

Your engraved logo fruits. Your laser engraved logo fruits are delivered in trays, if no special packaging is desired.

In addition, we offer individual neutral packages including wood wool. You can choose from 4 different colors: green, white, red and yellow

We supply the advertising apples with your engraving in individual storage containers on request. The “apple box” keeps your apple with logo fresh, is available in different colors and can accommodate 1 apple. Ideal as promotional gift-packaging.