3D picture in glass from a photo

2D to 3D the amazing one – Your Photo Cube as a 3D Laser Picture in glass 

Hand us your photo – Your 3D Laser Cube will be returned shortly. We realize with this fantastic conversion method, not every design, mostly we use it for peoples, animals, or simple artworks.

The 3D glass picture will be laser etched 3 dimensionally in a deep space of about 180 degrees. For peoples it means true to scale the space from the noose to the ears.

If you like to receive a 360 degree 3D Crystal custom made, our international 3D Designer team will generate it as well, but with much more design expenses.

On request we can engrave your logo or individual desired text (for example name, dedication or congratulations) to your 3D photo cube. “YOUR PERSONAL 3D Laser Photo”

Send us your photo, digitally or via post, we will create a unique three-dimensional laser image inside a picture cube.


Some samples of the very detailed 3D images produced in glass from your photo.

Accessories for our 3D Portraits

Our NEW Led Picture Stand including laser picture, is available with white, blue or red illumination – just ask for it…

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