Our Laser engraving service

  • laser marking on your finished and semi-finished products
  • eco-friendly laser engraving on all materials
  • short processing time, flexible manufacturing
  • laser marking of all popular font standards, barcodes and matrix codes
  • individual labeling of names and initials
  • automatic incrementing of variable data
  • data acquisition and programming by default
  • continuous production of repeat orders

Grüner Laser Products – Laser engraving in munich

Advantages of laser engraving

Advantages over conventional methods
(Stamping, embossing, mechanical engraving, etching or tampon printing):

  • non-contact adaptation and no tool wear
  • low material impact (conservation of material)
  • big editable material diversity
  • no pre- and post-editing necessary
  • high quality and reproducibility of the marking
  • any geometry of the label
  • high flexibility
  • application of very fine markings (up to 0,03 mm) is possible
  • high marking speed
  • uncomplicated execution of individual laser marking