3D Photo in glass

3D Crystal® Portrait: Your face as a 3D laser photo in crystal

We engrave your face, from your family or your pet in 3D glass.
Your 3D crystal photo makes your face appearing “alive” forever. Realistically viewed from all angles.

On request we can laser your individual text to your glass photo. There are no limits for your ideas

“YOUR PERSONAL 3D Photo – laser picture in crystal”.

a) 3D to 3D

Live shot on site: For the fascinating live creating of your 3D photo in laser glass, rent us for your event or make an appointment in our company.
Grüner Laser Products – Munich.

b) 2D to 3D

3D picture in crystal from a photo: Send us your picture, best digital. From this we create your 3D portrait, with the result of a lifelike 3D glass photo.

The implementation of this refer only to people and animal portraits at the moment. Your face in glass!

3D Crystal® Portrait Samples